Mystic Science Academy is the brainchild of Chris Barrington, philosopher, astrologer, and scientist.

Chris has spent nearly 40 years studying, practising and teaching the ancient Vedic sciences of India, including the philosophy and practical aspects of Yoga, Meditation, Vedic astrology (or Jyotish), as well as modern Western Astrology.

Chris is passionate about bringing these ancient sciences into the modern World and making them practical for people to use.

From many years of experience, Chris has found that astrology, both Western and Vedic really does give valuable insights into all aspects of your life, and the Vedic sciences give many interventions that can help us for many issues in our lives.

Chris invites you to look into these ancient and mystical sciences and see how they could help you with everything you personally want to achieve in your life. 

The approach that Chris takes comes from years of research, having worked with thousands of people in many countries.

When you sign up for one of his courses you are getting his unique, tried and tested methods that have been the hallmark of his success over the last few decades.