Module 1 Syllabus

Here is a look at the different subjects covered in Module 1 of this Spiritually-based astrology course.

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How this module is structured

There are three sections to this module, covering all of the principles needed to get you going. It is my intention that by the end of the module, you will be able to analyse a horoscope and be able to work out the roles that each planet plays. you will also work out their nature, either positive or negative (benefic or malefic).

Section 1

In this section we look at basic principles, from the differences between the tropical and Sidereal zodiacs, to how the Northern India system of horoscopes is presented. We also introduce planetary meditation

Section 2

In section 2 we look at significations of signs, houses, and planets. We show how the signs of the zodiac and planetary energies are combinations of tattva, guna, and dosha, (or element, modality, and constitution).

Section 3

In this section we introduce the very important topic of moolatrikona signs, and in combination with the understanding of the significations of houses, we show you how to work out the nature of the planets in a horoscope. We conclude with examples.

Basic principles

Any study in astrology always begins with the basics of the subject. We look at the different zodiacs that are used  in Western and Jyotish astrology. We  cover the thorny subject of why astrology actually works, and introduce the format of the Northern Indian horoscope.


Before we can begin to assemble the most simple description of a vedic chart we need to know and learn the significations of planets, signs and houses. In Jyotish we see that while signs are the foundation of energy, it is the houses that give us the most information. It is the houses, and the signs they contain that determine the rulerships, energies, and nature of the planets.

Moolatrikona signs

We learn that planets inherit the qualities of their own signs, particularly their natural sign. From this we begin to see that even though a planet has well known qualities, it also brings with it the power of the house it rules, for good or bad.


In order to learn the principles of astrology we, of course have to use real life examples. We look at well known celebrities and personalities in order to get a feel for how planetary energies have shaped their lives. In this module we look at the horoscopes of Bill gates, Carl Gustav Jung, and Rudolf Steiner.

Module contents

Section 1

Principles of astrology

The Astronomy of Astrology

Meditation on the Planets

Astrology Software

A look at your first chart

Section 2

The twelve signs arising from element and guna

Planet qualities arising from guna and dosha

Significations of the signs of the zodiac

Significations of the grahas (planets)

Houses and their significations

Section 3

Moolatrikona signs and how to determine the nature of the planets

Practise session 1 - Bill Gates

Practise session 2 - Rudolf steiner

Practise session 3 - Carl Jung

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