Astrology East & West Module 2

In this module we learn about the strengths of the planets, methods of interpretation, and the timing of events.

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Section 1 - Planetary Strength

Knowing the nature of the planets and the roles that they play is not enough to effectively interpret a Vedic Chart. You also need to have a measure of how strong the planets and houses in a chart are. This section introduces you to the science of calculating planetary strength in an easy and intuitive way.

Section 2 - The Twelve Ascendants

In this section we take a look at each ascendant, giving you a feel for what you can say about a chart just by knowing the ascending sign. This will help you to arrive at conclusions and predictions much more quickly and give you an intuitive feel for each ascending sign.

Section 3 - Timing and Interpretation

In this section we cover two of the most important aspects of astrology. The timing of events as well as the principles and steps needed to interpret a Vedic chart correctly. We also look through some examples in detail, to give you a feel for how it is done.


We show you how to easily and effectively work out the effects that the planets have on each other, given their strength and nature. So you will be able to see how the interactions of the planets will effect different areas of your life and under which operating periods

Real Examples

We look at several different examples of well known celebrities to illustrate the different techniques that we learn in this module. In this way you learn how to apply the methods to people that you know.


yogas happen in a Vedic Chart when planets combine in houses in specified ways. Yogas are the key to showing how life blesses us or destroys opportunities for us. In this section we look at some of the major yogas, as well as what are the conditions that turn a planet into a major indicator for the chart (a rajayoga karaka)

Planetary Ceremony

You will learn the ancient Vedic are of the Graha Puja to mitigate negative, malefic influences in a chart and to strengthen the positive benefic effects of a planet. you will also learn an ancient sanskrit verse extolling the virtues of learning the scriptures of Astrology and explaining the ethics of astrology.

Contents of Module 2

Section 1 - The strength of planets

Overview of calculating the strength of planets

Positional strength

The age of a planet

Planetary combustion

Exaltation and debilitation

Planetary aspects

The dispositor of a planet

The Navamsha chart

Bill Clinton - Strength of planets

Bill Gates - Strength of planets

Section 2 - The twelve ascendants

Twelve videos describing the general properties of the planets for each ascendant

Section 3 - Timing and Interpreting

The Vimshottari system for the timing of events

Yoga karakas - Special cases of strength and blessing

The Chandra lagna

General principles of interpretation - part 1

General principles of interpretation - part 2

Example 1 - John travolta

Example 2 - Leonard Nimoy

Example 3 - Richard Feynman

Example 4 - Meryl Streep

Introduction to the Graha Puja ceremony

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